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Samantha Springer at right examining radiograph images on a light box with colleagues

Integrity, discretion, sustainability, and innovation are the values that guide work at Art Solutions Lab. We build strong relationships through open communication and collaboration in a productive environment with our clients, consultants, and contractors.

-Samantha Springer


Courier Services

Known as an on-site or bookend courier, I will travel with your loan or artwork and oversee packing/unpacking, handling, and installation/de-installation. This service is offered for high-value, complex installations, or particularly fragile objects that may need on-site treatment. This service includes open communication amongst necessary stakeholders, documentation, and advocating for the safe care of a work when you can’t be there.

Condition Assessment

Also known as an evaluation, an object assessment provides you with a written report documenting existing conditions and previous repairs, potential future treatment needs due to existing conditions, changes that may occur due to inherent vice, and recommendations for ongoing care. The report may include annotated images if deemed helpful. You may request add-ons such as a preservation plan, high-resolution images in a preservation format, or other details depending on your concerns and questions specific to the object assessed. No information regarding authenticity or monetary value will be provided.

Collection Assessment or Survey


You will receive the same high-quality information no matter which consultation form is provided. These options allow you to choose the most cost-effective method for receiving the information you desire. We can help you determine which is the best fit for your project. Choose between three types of consultation:

  • Phone or video call with a defined time limit where you can “Pick-my-Brain” about a specific conservation topic or preservation issue affecting your collection. The perfect option for those who need specific advice. Schedule a time to chat now.
  • Correspondence by phone and email to support your organization with guidance about ongoing conservation concerns or a specific project. A summary report can be provided as documentation and reference material. Prices vary based on the extent of information you require.
  • Site visit to review organizational or object conditions in person or assist with writing preservation plans. Recommendations can be provided verbally or in written format. Site visits are billed at half and full-day rates based on how far we have to travel.

Preventive Collections Care Activities

Preventive care includes a variety of monitoring and maintenance activities that need to occur over the long term. We can perform monitoring and maintenance for you on a regular schedule to remove the burden of having to worry whether or not they are getting done. These activities include:

  • mapping and monitoring pest traps for integrated pest management
  • measuring and monitoring light levels for light-sensitive works of art and determining rotation schedules
  • monitoring environmental levels in storage and exhibition areas to ensure your physical envelope is secure
  • annual or bi-annual cleaning, waxing, and condition reporting for outdoor sculpture
  • constructing protective housing for new acquisitions

Interventive Treatment for sculpture, decorative arts, and historic objects

Stabilization, repair, cleaning, and visual reintegration are all part of the hands-on conservation treatments. The most important features of treatment are documentation (written and photographic) and ensuring the process and results are consistent with your expectations. We will discuss the process and potential expected outcomes beforehand to ensure we have a shared goal. Changes in these expectations, such as outcome in the stability, visual appearance, or timeframe for completion, encountered during the treatment process will be communicated.


We offer opportunities for people interested in learning more about the field of conservation or how to care for their own collections through webinars, lectures, workshops, and classes. These may be tailored to different audiences, such as artists, young learners, prospective conservators, undergraduates, collections care professionals, students of library sciences and archive studies, the general public, and fine art students.


Custom Mount

We make custom supports for the display of three-dimensional objects on walls or table surfaces. Mounts are made from materials that are inert or tested to ensure their safety in proximity to fine art and cultural heritage. Surfaces in contact with the art are padded to prevent abrasion. The supports are designed for easy removal in the future and straight-forward installation.

Custom Covers

Most works of art on paper and photographs are sensitive to visible and ultraviolet light. You can preserve them longer by covering them with custom-made light-blocking covers when you are not occupying your home or room and enjoying them yourself.